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For Home Makers/Working Class

Home Makers are also a stressed lot and need to be Healthy and Fit. Going to a gym might be again a tedious task around their routines. Monthly budgeting, daily to do lists, standing for long hours in the kitchen, getting the kids ready for school, grocery shopping, washing clothes & utensils, Home Maintenance etc.

AD Fitness has a solution for making their life more Healthier and Fitter in just 30 minutes a day. This is through our Training Program, Workout From Home - Residential Apartment Workshop intended at educating homemakers about Fitness and Nutrition and providing the equipment too.

1. No major investment, installation or maintenance required.

2. Zero power consumption.

3. Easy and Fun filled Workouts with Good Results.

4. No Post Workout Recovery issues.

5. One equipment for whole family.

6. Online Post Training Support.

Flowin Sport & TP Grid 1.0 is apt as it is both portable and for easy storage at their homes.