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Corporate Life is fruitful but stressful as well. While giving high priority to making Money it makes you give a low priority to your own body, which is taking the load day in and day out.

Extended working hours, meetings, extra responsibilities, never ending deadlines, appraisals and assessments, in office competition etc leading to an upset in the work - life balance.

Exercise is a good solution. But, a major reason is many do not even have time to go to the gym.

How much time does it take to go to the gym....wake up, get ready in gym gear (10), have your pre workout food (10), drive to the gym (10), time spent in changing room (5), workout time - warm up (10) , workout (45), stretching (10), time in changing room (5), drive back home(10). Approx 100 - 120 minutes. AD Fitness has a solution for making their life more Healthier and Fitter in just 30 minutes a day. This is by the way of our Training Program, Project Being Normal - Corporate Fitness Workshop.

1. No major investment, installation or maintenance required.

2. Zero power consumption.

3. Easy and Fun filled Workouts with Good Results.

4. No Post Workout Recovery issues.

5. One equipment for whole family.

6. Online Post Training Support.

Flowin Sport & TP Grid 1.0 is apt as it is both portable and for easy storage at their offices.