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FLOWIN® Certification


Coming Soon for the First Time in India.

Flowin Trainer Certification is for Fitness Professionals who are looking for new, efficient, faster and safer methods of delivering results.

Why Flowin Certification?

1. It is a unique equipment which has 0 % impact on the joints and 100 % load on the muscles leading to safe and quick results.

2. It is portable too and can be easily carried to the place of the client or even can be sold to the client so that the trainer need not carry it and at the same time generate revenue by the way of sales of the equipment.

3. The workouts are very dynamic in the sense that it can be customized according to the fitness goals of the client, be it cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance or flexibility.

4. It can be added to the variety of workouts given to the client to target specific training programs especially core training. 5. Flowin also can be used as a physio tool for strengthening the shoulder, back and knee joints.

6. The trainer can also take Group exercise classes using a wide range of exercises with technical advice and instructions regarding positioning and performance.