Arvind Dhondale


Hi, I am Arvind Dhondale.

I was just a Fitness Enthusiast with a passion for Dance and Fitness. Have been a Dance Pro for a couple of years and recently rekindled my passion for Fitness and became a Personal Trainer and a Group Trainer and have trained many clients.

Even before I started training these clients I found out an astonishing fact. It was that more that 70 % of my clients had issues to be resolved much before they even thought of achieving any sort of a "Result".Now.....What were these issues??? One was Health / Medical Issues& other was Musculoskeletal Issues.These clients could not be trained "Normally" in the same way as all other: Normal" people could.

After a lot of Evolution in Training Techniques and Study of the Human Movement Patterns......I have come up with a concept of Extremely Simple Yet Very Effective way of Achieving the Target of "Being Normal" with the effective use of 2 equipments.

The two equipments which help in being very safe and at the same time very effective in Increasing the Health and Fitness of the Human Body are FLOWIN FRICTION TRAINING & TRIGGER POINT THERAPY.

Currently Working As:

> Founder & Fitness Director

AD FITNESS - Life Transformation Zone

> Master Trainer & Master Distributor


Have done the Following Certifications:

> FLOWIN® India Master Trainer

> Zumba Fitness Instructor

> Certified Personal Trainer (Gold’s Gym University).

> Qualified TRX Suspension Trainer.

> Myofascial Trigger Point Release Therapy.

> Crossfit Funtional Training Workout Level 1

> Physique Elite Trainer Level 1 & Level 2.

> Kettlebell

> First Aid and CPR Certified by the Red Cross Society of India.

> Certified Hypnotherapist

> Accupressure Massage Therapy

> Diploma Certificate in Fitness

> Prenatal Yoga Certificate

Arvind Dhondale